Barry Nussbaum on the Citizen’s Panel During the Rick Amato…

Featuring Rick Amato, Barry Nussbaum, Victoria Jackson, and Ted Hayes. Discussing a group in Phoenix planning an anti-Islam event with [...]

Robert Gates’ Opinion of Current Status of Iran Negotiations

Barry Nussbaum discussed Robert Gates’ opinion of the current status of Iran negotiations on The Rick Amato Show.

Barry Nussbaum on The Rick Amato Show Grassroots Panel

These segments discuss several topics including Hillary email releases, Scott Walker leading in polls, Presidential retirement pensions, and Stephanopoulos donation [...]

Iran’s Nuclear Blacklisted Co’s & Ships in the Gulf of…

Barry Nussbaum on The Rick Amato Show discussed Iran’s Nuclear Blacklisted Co.’s & Ships in the Gulf of Hormuz.

Barry Nussbaum on The Citizen’s Panel on the Rick Amato…

Segments 1 & 2: Topics: British elections similar to Israeli elections and U.S. wealth gap.

Barry Nussbaum Discussing Iranian General War with the U.S. would…

Barry Nussbaum on The Rick Amato Show discussing Iranian General-vWar with the US would be ‘No big deal’.