Hillary’s Emails on Home Server Not Just Secret, or Top…

BARRY’S TAKE: Contrary to numerous statements made last year in which former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton proclaimed that there [...]

Barry Nussbaum Appears on America Trends Hillary Clinton to be…

Barry Nussbaum Appears on America Trends Hillary Clinton to be Indicted.

A Leader of Fatah Calls Hitler “Daring” for Murdering 6…

BARRY’S TAKE: Astoundingly, Fatah leader and Central Committee member Tawfiq Tirawi told the host of a “Ma’an” television program on [...]

Father of Palestinian Murderer Who Killed Mother of 6 in…

BARRY’S TAKE: A mother of six was the victim of a brutal terror attack Sunday – the 28th fatality since [...]

U.S. Sanctions Iran and Sends Iran $100 Billion Cuz U.S.…

BARRY’S TAKE: Seriously. After repeatedly violating both U.N. Resolutions against ballistic missile testing and additionally violating the JCPOA by firing [...]

Barry Nussbaum on Dr. Gina Live Discussing GOP Debate

GOP debate commentary with Barry Nussbaum on America Trends with Dr. Gina.

Clinton Wanted to Incite Palestinian Unrest to Force Israel to…

LEO’S TAKE: Even in an administration full of scandals and mortifyingly bad decisions (reset with Russia, letting Mubarak take the [...]

Muslim Immigration into Europe

On this radio show on with Dimitri Vassillaros, Barry Nussbaum discusses Muslim immigration into Europe. January 11, 2016