2017-09-28 (14)
Islamic Jihad in the London Tube & Still No Coherent…

WATCH: Islamic Jihad Spreading Across England & Europe and Citizens are Still Not Safe. Why Not? Barry Nussbaum of the [...]

Say Goodbye To What You Know: Europe Will Be Mostly…

Within 40 years, given current demographic trends, the white population in Europe will recede, creating a Muslim majority, a French [...]

Palestinian Terrorist Who Attempted Two Airplane Hijackings Addresses European Parliament!

Leila Khaled was arrested while carrying two grenades by Israeli sky marshals in 1970 while attempting to hijack an El [...]

Saudi Women
Saudi Cleric Says Women’s Brains Shrink To 25% Of A…

In the Muslim kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it is illegal for women to drive a car. It is the only [...]

Oklahoma Man Beheads Coworker….Says It Was Commanded In The Quran!

While being interviewed by police and the FBI after killing two female co-workers,  Alton Nolen admitted to the crime on [...]

2017-09-22 (18)
Insane Comment By DNC Vice Chair Who Compares Dreamers To…

The DNC Vice Chairman is Congressman Keith Ellison (D) of Minnesota. You might remember him by his previous comments when  [...]

2017-09-22 (9)
Islamic Jihad Slaughter Continues in Europe & Still No Solutions…

How many more attacks in the UK & Europe before western countries close the border to the Global Jihadists?  

Berkeley Professor Openly Calling For Violent Uprising In America While…

Hatem Bazian, a Palestinian professor at the University of California-Berkeley, publicly calls for an intifada…. which includes violence here in the U.S. [...]