Austria To Close Mosques, Expel Imams

The Austrian government is closing seven mosques and expelling around 40 imams affiliated with the Turkish nationalist organization called ATIB, citing a law that restricts foreign funding of religious institutions.  Chancellor Sebastian Kurz stated that there was no place in Austrian society for “political Islam” or “parallel societies”.  The United States also has laws  meant to protect the Republic from subversion of the Constitution, they deal with sedition.  Imams across America, at mosques in nearly every state, have led sermons espousing that Islamic sharia law is supreme to the law of the land from which they speak.  Several of these mosques, or “Islamic Centers”, have long histories of producing terrorists, such is the Islamic Center of Boston and the Dar al-Hijra mosque in Falls Church Virginia.  Is it time for the US to close a few mosques, by simply enforcing existing sedition laws?

Read Article at The Times Of Israel:




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