Trump Warns Al-Assad, Taunts Russia

Will Iran/Hezbollah retaliate against Israel, the “little satan”, if “BIG satan” strikes Iranian puppet, Bashar al-Assad’s forces?  

REAL Election Meddling

The Obama administration’s State Department spent $350,000 trying to prevent Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu from winning his re-election bid in [...]

PaLIEstinian NOthaurity At The UN

Breaking down arch-terrorist & PA president Mahmoud Abbas’ barrage of lies at the UN Security Council Meeting.  

Palestinians Praise Dead Terrorist

HAMAS glorifying terrorism is something we have come to expect, but what the media doesn’t cover is the fact that [...]

EU Hypocrisy & “Palestine”

Frederica Mogherini reiterates the EU’s support for the Two-State solution with Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.

Palestinian Terrorist Rams Israeli Soldier

A “Palestinian” terrorist tried to murder two IDF soldiers by running them over. He was apprehended and questioned, unharmed.

Palestinian Terrorist Stabs Israeli Border Policeman

The media is reporting that Israeli security Forces “killed a Palestinian in the West Bank.” They are neglecting to tell [...]