PA Threatens HAMAS
PA Threatens HAMAS Over Assassination Attempt

The UN keeps banging the Peace Drum to the beat of the “Two-State Solution”, ignoring the fact that the “Palestinians” [...]

Haley Cuts Aid
Nikki Haley Plans Aid Cuts To UN Foes

When US Ambassador to the UN warned that she’d “be taking names” on what countries voted against the US on [...]

Pompeo Good For Israel
Tillerson Firing Benefits Israel

The abrupt firing of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and immediate nomination of CIA Director Mike Pompeo as his replacement [...]

HAMAS vs Fatah
ASSASSINATION Attempt On Palestinian PM! PA Blames HAMAS, HAMAS Blames…

Ever since the December 10th deadline for the Egyptian brokered “Palestinian Reconciliation” passed without coming to fruition, the two sides [...]

HAMAS Bombings

To mark the 22nd anniversary of the wave of suicide bombings that swept through Israel in 1996, HAMAS, the terrorist [...]

Abbas Abuses Gaza
Abbas Abuses Gazans

Mahmoud Abbas, the man serving the 13th year of his four year term as president of the Palestinian Authority, is [...]

PA in US Hospitals
PA Intel Chief Gets Heart Surgery In US

The Palestinian Authority might have broken all ties with the Trump administration, but it certainly hasn’t been willing to give [...]

Arab League
Arab League Picks US Over Palestinians

Despite verbal protests of the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and accompanying embassy move, none of the 21 [...]