Iran Rejects Pompeo
Iran Rejects Pompeo’s Policy, Says Prepared For War

The US demands laid out in Mike Pompeo’s Iran policy speech were robustly rejected by Tehran, with military and political [...]

Ban F-35 Sale To Turkey
Congressmen Bring Motion To Block F-35 Sale To Turkey

A bipartisan group of US Congressmen is introducing a motion to halt the sale of 100 Lockheed-Martin F-35 fighter jets [...]

Pompeo Makes Appeal To People Of Iran

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announces “strongest sanctions ever”, sympathizes with long suffering people of Iran for decisions of mullahs [...]

Pompeo's Iran Policy
Pompeo Puts Iran & Europe On Notice

In his first policy speech since replacing Rex Tillerson as secretary of State, Mike Pompeo delivered a strong, concise message [...]

OIC Condemns Israel
Muslim Leaders Call For Intl Force To Protect HAMAS

Turkish president Recep Erdogan called an emergency meeting of the 57 member Organization Of Islamic Cooperation to discuss the Gaza [...]

Nikki Haley Defends Israel, Blasts HAMAS & Iran

US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley lays blame on Iranian backed HAMAS for the violence and suffering in Gaza.

HAMAS Claims Victims
HAMAS Admits 80% Of Riot Victims Were Terrorists

The UN has condemned Israel for the amount civilian deaths from Monday and Tuesday’s riots at the Gaza-Israel border.  Despite [...]

PA Denies Gaza Food
Palestinian Authority Prevents Aid Trucks From Entering Gaza

The PA prevented 14 trucks carrying food and diapers from entering the Gaza Strip.  Israel reopened the damaged border crossing [...]