Trump-Putin Summit & Syria
Trump-Putin Summit To Focus On Syria

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu is in Moscow meeting with Vladimir Putin today, less than a week before the Russian presiden’t [...]

Kay Wilson Black Forest Premier
Survivor Of Palestinian Terror Attack Speaks

On December 18, 2010, Kay Wilson and her friend were enjoying a beautiful day hiking in the Jerusalem Forest, until [...]

French Imam Gets Death Threats
French Imam Gets Death Threats For Meeting With Israeli General

Hassen Chalghoumi, a French imam known for his work creating interfaith dialogue and understanding, met with IDF Brigadier General Ronen Manelis, [...]

EU Outraged at PA
EU Outraged By Palestinian Snub

A high ranking delegation from the European Union visited the Palestinian Authority last week, only to have their request to [...]

Aynaz's ATP Fundaiser
Aynaz’s Fundraiser for American Truth Project

Thank you so much for all your generous donations We have extended our give back until Sunday. Make a tax [...]

PLO Threatens US At ICC
PLO Threatens To File Complaint Against US At ICC

The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) was designated a ‘Foreign Terrorist Organization’ by the US State Department, until its removal in [...]

Holocaust Denier at Muslim Congress Conference
Holocaust Denier To Speak At Muslim Congress In Orlando

The Muslim Congress is a US based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, whose stated mission is “to establish a strong Muslim Community [...]

Europe Appeases Iran
Europe Appeasing Iran To Save Disastrous Nuke Deal

The original signatories of the toothless JCPOA, minus the recently withdrawn United States, are meeting in Vienna, in an attempt [...]