HAMAS Beats Argentina World Cup Soccer Team

Argentina’s Football Federation cancelled the “friendly” match against Israel, that was scheduled to be played this Saturday, June 9th, in Jerusalem.  Palestinian Authority officials, BDS activists and assorted other Israel haters had been campaigning for the Argentinian national team to boycott the game, their final tune-up before World Cup competition begins in Russia the following week.  But, the reason given for the last minute cancellation was that players and their families had received numerous death threats, warning them against participating in the game.

Whether the real reason was caving to the pressure of the antisemitic BDS movement, legitimate security concerns, or a combination of the two, the real winners are the terrorists and their supporters.  HAMAS and the PA are celebrating a huge victory over Israel, while the Argentine soccer team loses the opportunity to gel before the beginning of World Cup play.  The country of Argentina has also lost; either they have embraced the HAMAS narrative of Israeli occupation and unjust use of violence, or it has admitted that threats of terrorism prevented it from fulfilling its obligation to Israel.

Read Article at The Times Of Israel: https://www.timesofisrael.com/soccer-friendly-nixed-after-argentina-players-threatened-officials-confirm/




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